Trucking & Cargo Insurance

Your personal car insurance policy doesn't cover vehicles used by your business, which is why commercial auto coverage is important. If you use vehicles to provide your employees a way to get around, or to move equipment and/or products you need commercial auto insurance. Protect against traffic accidents, vandalism, or even if an uninsured driver hits your vehicle.
Commercial auto coverage insures against property damage to vehicles and damage caused to others by those vehicles. We can cover any commercial vehicle from a business car, van, semi trucks, even a dump truck. Let our experts put together a policy that helps protect your business' investment.
Understanding Truck & Transport Insurance
Insurance is one of the largest fixed expenses that a trucker or trucking company faces today. It is one area that all individuals and companies need to revisit at least annually to make sure their needs are being met.

There are various factors that impact insurance costs, such driving records, age of the driver, age of equipment, commodities hauled, radius, vehicle location, loss history, years in business and the list goes on.
No radius or unit count restrictions. New ventures welcome! Does it have wheels? We want to see it
Trucking for Hire: Car Carriers • Fuel Oil Hauler • Gasoline, Diesel and Airplane Fuel Haulers • Ag Haulers (including livestock) • LPG, Butane and Propane Haulers • Bulk or Bottled Haulers • Dumping Operations Contractors • Tow Trucks • Caterers • Cement Mixers • Concrete Pumper Trucks • Couriers • Custom Harvesters • Farm to Market Trucking • Farmers • Food Delivery • Grain Haulers • House Movers • Lawn and Tree Service • Logging • Mobile Concessions • Mobile Equipment • Mobile Home Totters • Moving Operations • Pulpwood Haulers •Salvage Haulers • Snow Plows • Truckers Contingent Liability (Bobtail or Deadhead) • Waste Oil Haulers • Wholesalers and Manufacturers

All other: A broad cargo appetite with multiple limits is available with trucking risks (broad cargo endorsement available). • Limousines (All Types) • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation • Charter Buses • 4 Wheel Drive Tours • Airport Shuttles • Airport Transportation Service Autos • Athlete Buses • Bingo/Casino Transportation • Church and Scout Buses (incl. Drum & Bugle Corps) • Courtesy Autos (including hotel courtesy autos) • Custom Harvesting Employee Transport • Day Care Center Autos • Dial-A-Ride • Group Homes • Head Start Program Autos • Kiddie Transports • Medical Courtesy Autos • Metropolitan Buses • Musician Buses • Prisoner Transport • Railroad Employee Transport • School Buses (Private or Public Owned) • Senior Citizen Center Autos • Sightseeing Buses • Social Service Agencies • Taxis • Trolley Buses • Visiting Nurses • Wilderness Expeditions • All Other Public Autos • Bookmobiles, Bloodmobiles, etc. • Driver Training Auto • Emergency Ambulances • Escort Vehicles for Oversized Trucking • Fire Department Vehicles • Funeral Escort Vehicles • Funeral Director Vehicles • Funeral Hearses • Law Enforcement Vehicles • Light/Medium
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