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Farm Insurance

from Larsen Flynn Insurance, Inc.

Farm Insurance

If you own a farm or a ranch, your livelihood lives in your barn walls and out in the fields. You make a living growing crops, harvesting plants, and raising animals — and without the proper equipment, your services wouldn’t be possible. The smallest hiccup in a season can cause a loss of precious income, so it’s even harder to think about what were to happen if a large hiccup rocked your production.

With farm insurance, you can rest assured that your farm or ranch, equipment, livestock, and more are taken care of in case of damage or destruction. At Larsen Flynn Insurance, Inc., an independently owned and locally run insurance agency, we understand that your farm is your livelihood, and we want to help you protect it.

What’s included in a typical farm insurance policy? Everything you need to protect your ranch, your business, and more.

First and foremost, farm insurance covers your ranch in the event of a weather disaster, a fire, or vandalism. Though a lightning storm is the last thing on your mind, it’s important to plan for the results and hazards it could cause.

Next, farm insurance helps to cover farm liability. This protects you in the event of legal defense bills, bodily injury to someone on your property, damage to someone else’s property with your equipment, and more. This part of your policy ensures that you won’t lose your farm if any of these events were to take place.

You’ll also be able to add different kinds of protections to your policy, such as barn coverage, livestock coverage, equipment coverage, and crop coverage.

Likely, these four areas are the keystones of your ranching or farming business. Without them, your operations simply wouldn’t run the same, which is why insurance agencies offer coverage for these areas.

With barn coverage, you can have peace of mind that your barn structure is protected against things like weather, fire, and vandalism.

Livestock coverage means that your animals are protected against something that causes death to one or all of your livestock. You can typically choose whether all of your animals are covered, or just your most valuable ones.

Your equipment is one of the most important parts of your job. It helps you to quickly and efficiently get things done. This coverage protects things like tractors and harvesters so you never have to worry about being without your valuable equipment.

Lastly, crop coverage lessens the burden if your crops are ruined by an awful planting season, so you don’t have to worry about taking a financial hit.

At Larsen Flynn Insurance, Inc., we can help you find the perfect insurance policy and coverages for your farm or ranch. Give us a call at 503-873-8631 to talk about your options or request a quote.