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Aflac Coverage

from Larsen Flynn Insurance, Inc.

Aflac Insurance

Aflac policies help cover more than 50 million people all over the world, with wide coverage options across the board for individuals and families, business owners, and more.

For individuals and families, Aflac provides everything from accident insurance to life insurance, and everything in between. They also provide cancer insurance, critical illness insurance, hospital insurance, and short-term disability coverage, along with vision and dental insurance.

Their coverage options include treatment-based benefits or even lump-sum benefits for some policies, including cancer and critical illness insurance.

Their life insurance coverage options allow you to take your policy with you, even if you change jobs — saving you headaches when life changes happen.

For all of their coverage options, you’ll never be asked any health questions.

Speaking of health, for their health insurance policies, there are four tiers of coverage. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each succeeding tier increases 10% from the last, with benefits starting at 60% coverage at the bronze level. That means at the platinum level, you’ll only pay 10% out of pocket, while your policy covers up to 90% of health costs.

With all of the coverage options available, it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. If you want to learn more about Aflac’s coverage options, feel free to contact us at Larsen Flynn Insurance, Inc. today! We’ve helped individuals just like you decide on the perfect insurance policy for them and their family and have helped provide peace of mind when it comes to life, health, and protecting what matters most.

You can reach us at 503-873-8631 to talk with us about your policy and coverage options or schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.